Medical Imaging

Integrated RIS -PACS with advanced features, extensive interoperability and integration capabilities

In light of the data explosion in medical imaging, opt for our advanced medical imaging solutions and keep abreast of the latest technologies. Achieve a higher level of diagnostic precision with our integrated expert consoles.

For earlier, faster detection, from the very first signs: our AI tools guarantee optimal screenings.

Evolucare’s Medical Imaging offer supports throughout the entire patient workflow, from the appointment to the generation of the report, its dispatch to stakeholders and its availability in a secure patient portal.

With our advanced medical imaging products,

  • You will be able to work efficiently and optimise the use of your resources ;
  • You will modernise your practices, thanks to the artificial intelligence fuelled by hundreds of experts at your service ;
  • You will increase your scope of operations with tele-radiology and tele-expertise.

A comprehensive and modular offer


Our solution covers the entire patient workflow. We provide different modules to respond to your specific activity, size or needs. You can select:

  • A fully integrated solution that guarantees a seamless user experience and consistency of data throughtout the whole workflow
  • A selection of the relevant modules in line with your specific needs.

Manage imaging operations


  • Appointment module
  • Agenda, shifts,
  • Referral doctors management
  • Room availability, allocation
  • Flexible billing with advanced discount/package management
  • Business Intelligence / KPI

Manage the patient workflow


  • Easy admission for emergencies
  • Document storage
  • Patient history, medical profile
  • Status at every step of the workflow
  • Report edition (inc. voice dictation)
  • Secure, accessible images and files
  • Easy sharing (internal or external doctors, patient portal)
  • Hong Kong Authorities reporting 

Interoperability with 3rd-parties solutions


  • HIS (Hospital Information System)
  • CMS (Clinical Management System)
  • Third party RIS or PACS (for partial solutions)
  • Existing information modules (appointment, administration, billing, patient records)
  • Local authority platforms (e.g. Hong Kong Health authorities HKHA connector)

Integrated RIS-PACS Fully web-based


  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Natively designed for tele-radiology
  • Scalable, to multisites
  • Open to third parties viewing consoles, AI or applications

Reach beyond the RIS-PACS with expert complementary devices provided by third parties

Expert Workstations


  • Advanced diagnostic consoles
  • Various specialities
  • Automatic organ segmentation
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Surgical planning

Artificial Intelligence


  • Aid for the screening and/or diagnosis of diseases
  • Used for triage and priority management
  • For diagnostic/screening support

KPIs and Monitoring


  • A simple tool to consolidate your data
  • Creating your reports in just a few clicks
  • Automate your responses to frequently asked questions

AI for the benefit of patients and physicians

  • Used for screening, aided diagnosis or training
  • Efficient interpretation: the solution guides you towards the key elements of the image for a more efficient diagnosis
  • Complete report: you can select a subset of impairments suggested by the AI to include them directly in your report
Medical imaging console

To promote prevention, encourage screening:

  • Connect with more patients, right where they are, by combining tele-radiology and AI
  • AI enables you to detect illnesses as early as possible, thereby reducing the risks and consequences for the patient

Our currently available AI:

  • OphtAI for detecting diabetic retinopathy
  • Imsight detecting pulmonary nodules
  • 12sigma detecting various pulmonary pathologies or the advanced analysis of mammograms

Expert Consoles

Evolucare Imaging is compatible with most expert diagnostic consoles:

  • Automated hepatic segmentation
  • Oncology
  • Prostate
  • Lung
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Surgical Planning

Evolucare is partnering with top end viewing console manufacturers, contact us

    Data Analytics

    • A single, consistent platform for all your sites, services or fields of activities.
    • Automated or on demand reports
    • Pre-design catalogue of reports or self created reports
    • Easy to use and efficient