Advanced Medical Imaging

An integrated solution: RIS – PACS – Interpretation – AI
In light of the data explosion in medical imaging, opt for our advanced medical imaging solution and keep abreast of the latest technologies.

Achieve a higher level of diagnostic precision with our integrated expert consoles.

For earlier, faster detection, from the very first signs: our AI tools guarantee optimal screenings.

Evolucare’s advanced medical imaging offer supports you throughout your entire value chain, from the setting-up of a consultation to the transmission of the file and its availability in the secured patient portal.

With our advanced medical imaging products,

  • You will be able to work efficiently and optimise the use of your resources ;
  • You will modernise your practices, thanks to the artificial intelligence fuelled by hundreds of experts at your service ;
  • You will increase your scope of operations with tele-radiology and tele-expertise.

A comprehensive and modular offer


Our solution covers the entire value chain, so we can respond to your every needs:

  • Either a fully integrated solution that guarantees a seamless user experience and covers your needs from A to Z
  • Or a selection of the relevant modules in line with your specific needs.

Integrated RIS-PACS Fully web-based

  • A natively integrated and ergonomic solution
  • Focused on the patient
  • Engineered to steer your activity (widgets, multiple sites)
  • Modern: natively designed for tele-radiology

Expert Consoles


  • Advanced diagnostic consoles
  • Various specialities
  • Automatic organ segmentation
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Surgical planning

Artificial Intelligence


  • Aid for the screening and/or diagnosis of diseases
  • Used for triage and priority management
  • For diagnostic/screening support

Data Analytics


  • A simple tool to consolidate your data
  • Creating your reports in just a few clicks
  • Automate your responses to frequently asked questions

AI for the benefit of specialists

  • Optimization of the work list: displaying the preliminary annotations of the exams returned by the AI for improved processing of the files
  • Advanced interpretation: the solution guides you towards the key elements of the image for a more efficient diagnosis
  • Substantiated report: you can select a subset of impairments suggested by the AI to include them directly in your report

To promote prevention, encourage screening:

  • Connect with more patients, right where they are, by combining tele-radiology and AI
  • AI enables you to detect illnesses as early as possible, thereby reducing the risks and consequences for the patient

Our currently available AI:

  • OphtAI for detecting diabetic retinopathy
  • Imsight detecting pulmonary nodules
  • 12sigma detecting various pulmonary pathologies or the advanced analysis of mammograms

Integrated RIS-PACS

Digitize your entire workflow :

  • storing, transmitting, displaying all images, even in mobility
  • comprehensive management of your services
  • enjoy the benefits of our flexibility thanks to a modular and scalable architecture.

Leverage tele-radiology :

  • multi-site management
  • secure use of tele-radiology within your network

Opt for the peace of mind of SaaS mode

Expert Consoles

Access expert diagnostic consoles thanks to next-generation tools

  • Automatic hepatic segmentation
  • Oncology
  • Prostate
  • Lung
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Surgical Planning

Data Analytics

  • Consolidate your activity data and manage your activity in a very precise manner
  • Easy and timely compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Instil a performance culture

A solution at the core of your HIS


Because the imaging department is crucial within the hospital, we guarantee the interoperability of your solution within your HIS:

  • With your existing information systems: administration, invoicing, patient records
  • With external systems (i.e. scheduling appointments)
  • And obviously with your own modalities

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