AXAPA, specialist in the disability sector, joins the Evolucare Group with the support of the investment fund, Essling

RELEASE : February 28th, 2019

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The Evolucare Group welcomes AXAPA, the specialist in software solutions for the medico-social sector, particularly for the disabled. An alliance that meets the needs of these organizations that are increasingly demanding in this rapidly changing sector.

Elie Le Guilcher, President of the Evolucare Group, and Olivier Rialland, CEO of Axapa, signed an agreement on January 31, 2019 to join forces and meet the requirements of a rapidly changing sector together.
Goals: Optimize the care of disabled people, then improve the use of resources and means made available to nursing staff and supervisors.

An industrial convergence full of promise
With an interest in its extensive features, its major development potential and the ergonomic fluidity of the IMAGO platform, the Evolucare Group decided to acquire Axapa to pursue significant growth together.
IMAGO is contributing its business expertise thanks to features and tools to fully ensure:

  •   comprehensive care of disabled people,
  •   optimal staff and facility activity scheduling,
  •   effective management of human resources.

GESSI introduces payroll, invoicing and accounting solutions.

These two platforms round out the three existing product lines of the Group in the fields of EHR, critical care and imaging. This acquisition brings new business expertise and an additional market to Evolucare.

Major synergy between Axapa and Evolucare
Through its experience in the sector, workforce, financial coverage and customer base, the Group will provide significant support for the development of Axapa, whose solutions will be options for prospective customers in France and abroad, as well as existing Evolucare customers.

Regarding Axapa:
Founded in June 2012, Axapa is already used in more than 2300 facilities and is pursuing continuous investment in Research and Development. It decided to provide a comprehensive and innovative solution to professional needs in the social care sector. The many features of each solution, proximity and innovation offer each person a specifically designed and personalized care plan adapted to their needs and conditions.
With about fifty employees and three offices based in Nantes, Charmes and Toulouse, Axapa shows an annual growth of over 30% and is strengthening its position in the sector, reaching a turnover of nearly €5 million in 2018.
The integration of young engineers and consultants with field experience gives Axapa a strong hybrid team profile in which industry expertise and technical skills go hand in hand. This allows the company to offer technically advanced solutions with extremely rich features.


About the Evolucare Group:
Evolucare has been a key player in IT systems for the healthcare industry for more than 30 years. It publishes and installs a broad range of software designed for all public health and medico-social establishments.  It offers a constantly expanding range of products and services to meet the needs of its customers (administration, EHR, anesthesia, intensive care, pharmacies, operating rooms, and imaging).
The Group serves over 2000 healthcare establishments, and has now launched a strategy of international expansion.  Harnessing its expertise in patient data management and care coordination, in 2016 Evolucare moved into open innovation in e-health, to add to its initial range of decision-making services. This strategy, embodied by Evolucare Labs, aims to develop collaborative projects in precision medicine using artificial intelligence as the foundation.  The projects developed as part of this strategy are grouped around four strategic themes:

  •   Diagnostic tools
  •   Therapeutic strategy tools
  •   Connected patient support and monitoring tools
  •   Treatment coordination and optimization tools

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