Software production and testing

Combining an agile approach and compliance with regulatory requirements

A committed team, aware of the stakes

About a hundred Evolucare professionals work in software development and testing, all of whom feel an integral part of the healthcare sector and are therefore fully aware of quality and safety requirements.

This involvement is reinforced by the presence of a team whose functional expertise plays a key role in translating the daily needs of healthcare professionals into technical specifications.

Key members of this team include our business experts. They come from the world of healthcare or have obtained a thorough understanding of various disciplines: former application engineers for the field of imaging, for example, or anesthesia nurses for critical care solutions.

“Our functional experts support the developers and are integrated into the production process from expression of need to the validation and acceptance stages’”

Thierry Lefort,


Evolucare Quality Management System

Method and many tests

Evolucare has adapted all the processes of the agile development approach to the formalities of CE marking and regulatory requirements specific to the healthcare sector. Its main asset in this process is a team specialized in testing with expertise in automation.

The head of this team ensures that it is perfectly equipped to cover all product functionalities and to ensure the traceability of all tests.

Evolucare also strives to maintain the highest level of skills among its employees, who are regularly trained and certified through ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) training.

“Nine employees are helping to capitalize on our testing assets’”.

Jerome Massart,
Test Manager