Critical Care

Anesthesia, intensive care, operating rooms : our dedicated solutions optimizes the management and security of your critical care units.

By digitizing the critical care units processes, Evolucare Anesthesia, Evolucare OpRoom and Evolucare Intensive software solutions help healthcare structures to:

  • Ease the management of their critical care services to gain efficiency
  • Optimize their procedures to save time and costs
  • Focus on their core activity: take care of their patients

Interoperable and modular, these solutions are developed by clinicians for clinicians, in full respect of the international standards.

Make the difference

Evolucare critical care solutions are:

  • Modular and customizable, for a unique experience to each healthcare structure and medical staff member
  • Interoperable, for an easier integration into the HIS
  • Easy to deploy, thanks to experienced teams and processes that proved to be successful in many international projects

The Evolucare Ecosystem Complements Our Critical Care Solutions

Data analysis and reporting solution

Better measurement for better decision-making: Evolucare Analytics is a data management solution designed to help you optimize your business.