Santexpo 2022: Evolucare Group international strategy

18 July 2022
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Philippe BLANCO, CEO of the Group, and François POTEVIN, International Marketing Director, took the opportunity of SantExpo 2022 to give a quick overview of our international ambitions and prospects, while underlining the specificities and challenges of this year.

A future interview in the form of a podcast will allow Hadi ZARZOUR, our export manager, to talk more specifically about two of our privileged international markets, Africa and the Middle East.



“Our goal within a few years is to generate half of our revenue internationally …/… It has gone from 1-2% in 2019 to almost 20% this year.”  Philippe BLANCO, CEO
“We have selected reliable partners with whom we have been working for several years and who have enabled us to take market share in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Hong Kong, Canada and of course in Europe.”  François POTEVIN, International Marketing Director

In this interview, several topics are discussed including: 

  • Evolution and focus of Evolucare’s international strategy

  • Medium-term objectives

  • Specificity of the international healthcare software market

  • Partnership policy and criteria