Evolucare Imaging

Connected modules

Images you can access on any platform.


Offer your patients better care by optimizing admission:

  • Online patient appointment scheduling
  • Self-admission kiosk

Stay in control anywhere and anytime with Evolucare Imaging Mobile.

Given the new challenges faced by medical imaging centers, the Evolucare Group wants to support you in these technological transitions and human challenges.

Online appointment scheduling

With our experience in imaging, you will benefit from a suitable solution:

  • Search for the first available timeslot in a single or multiple sites
  • Multi-site, multi-specialty, multi-physician search
  • Management of specific time slots
  • Management of instructions by protocol
  • Real-time display of your schedule
  • Appointment security by next-generation captcha system
  • Importing of patient prescription
  • SMS/E-mail alert

 Evolucare self-admission kiosk

  • Automatic patient admission by QR Code or Vitale health insurance smart card
  • Recovery of patient rights by ADRi
  • Digitization of patient prescription and attachment to their record
  • Printing of patient label
  • Printing of patient report

Evolucare Imaging Mobile:

Your essential toolbox!

  • Work list
  • Digital dictation
  • Image viewing
  • Physician planning
  • Turnover

Evolucare Imaging is a medical device with CE marking, Class I, manufactured by Evolucare Technologies (51901881600016). Evolucare uView is a medical device with CE marking, Class IIa, manufactured by Evolucare Technologies. CE 0459. Certification body: G-MED. Please read the medical device manual carefully before use. Not included in the list of refundable products and services in Article L165-1 of the Social Security Code.

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