OUR 100% Web PACS

Modular and scalable architecture.


Archive your images, reports and all your multimedia data securely.




Evolucare Imaging PACS in details


  • Compatible with all DICOM modalities
  • Archiving of video & multimedia files (MACS)
  • Dicomization of images & videos of all specialties
  • Patient CD & DVD integration tools
  • Reconciliation of patient identities
  • Optimized lossless Jpeg2000 compression
  • Multi-criteria self-purging and compression
  • DICOM Query / Retrieve from PACS Web Interface
  • Reception of images from remote sites


  • Connection with all types of DICOM modalities: scanner, MRI, ultrasound, visualization consoles …
  • Transmission of medical images to a remote site
  • Reception of medical images from a remote site
  • Lossless on-the-fly image compression and decompression
  • Automatic routing to a PACS, console, or other DICOM modality
  • Web interface for manual monitoring and transfer
  • SSL encryption of data


  • Advanced backups: online or NAS
  • Duplication – Replication
  • Secure HTTPS web interface
  • Authentication by username / password
  • Data encryption by SSL encryption key
  • Advanced configuration menu
  • Statistics, traceability & logs
  • Simplified update and maintenance service
  • Access restrictions – VIP mode


  • Compatible with IHE, DICOM and HL7 standards for interfacing with Hospital Information Systems
  • Connection to the Radiological Information System (RIS) for the integration of medical reports
  • Contextual call from the radiological information system and from the patient record.
  • Link with LDAP directories
  • Integration of third-party consoles

Evolucare Imaging is a medical device with CE marking, Class I, manufactured by Evolucare Technologies (51901881600016). Evolucare uView is a medical device with CE marking, Class IIa, manufactured by Evolucare Technologies. CE 0459. Certification body: G-MED. Please read the medical device manual carefully before use. Not included in the list of refundable products and services in Article L165-1 of the Social Security Code.