EVOLUCARE puts the patient at the center of its thoughts

13 July 2020
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The French health software publisher is experiencing continuous growth and integrating artificial intelligence into its R&D efforts to conquer new e-health markets. Interview with Philippe Blanco, CEO of the company.

Technology is often accused of taking precedence over humans. At Evolucare, how is the patient considered?

The patient – and moreover the citizen – is at the center of our processes. It cannot be otherwise, since our solutions, which are intended for the health and social care sectors, cover the patient’s entire pathway and not only their in-hospital pathway. That means that Evolucare also addresses associations in the field of disability, as well as nursing homes and long term care facilities. Our software platforms offer a complete view of the pathway, both medical and medico-social, of the person concerned. Today, we have a revenue of 30 million euros and almost 300 employees, compared to a revenue of 7 million euros and a team of 50 people 10 years ago. Our goal for 2021 is to achieve 45 million euros.


How do you explain this progress?

Our market is driven by regulatory reforms: creation of regional hospital groups, obligation to comply with the DMP [personal medical record]… Moreover, everyone’s expectations of the medical community have evolved considerably over the last fifteen years. This is true in terms of ease of exchange with healthcare organizations (such as hospital institutions), in terms of security, and also with regard to communication of information: making appointments online, mobile access to the shared medical record, accessibility of laboratory or imaging results, etc. Communication of health information requires almost constant development of innovative systems. Hence the fundamental importance of research and development.


Does this illustrate your international ambitions?

Evolucare is very active in the markets of Africa, the Maghreb and the Middle East, especially in French-speaking countries. We also have subsidiaries in China and Canada, and have developed very solid activity in Latin America. Our current ambition is to expand in Europe. The markets we are looking at in the short term are Germany and Northern Europe.


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