Eye Care

The ultimate recipe for all eye care centers

Artificial Intelligence + health IT Expertise + Medical and scientific backup

A modular web-based platform to expand your capabilities

  • A fully integrated solution that guarantees a seamless user experience and consistency of data
  • A selection of modules and setup to match your specific needs.
  • Comprehensive patient workflow management from appointment to invoicing, billing, reports, Patient and Physician portal
  • A platform that is usable for screening and other services
  • Built with modules scalable to your specific activity, size or needs.

Manage Eye Care operations


  • Appointment module
  • Agenda, shifts
  • Referral doctors management
  • Room availability, allocation
  • Flexible billing
  • Business Intelligence / KPI

Manage the patient workflow


  • Easy admission for emergencies
  • Document and images storage
  • Patient history, medical profile
  • Status at every step of the workflow
  • Report edition (inc. voice dictation)
  • Secure, accessible images and files
  • Easy sharing (internal or external doctors, patient portal)

Interoperability with 3rd-parties solutions


  • HIS (Hospital Information System)
  • CMS (Clinical Management System)
  • Existing information modules (appointment, administration, billing, patient records)
  • Third party solutions (i.e. scheduling appointments, local Authorities…)

Artificial Intelligence for pathology screening and computer aided diagnosis

  • Unmatched performance: get a response in less than 3 seconds
  • Fully interoperable: can be integrated in third party solutions or devices

Multiple pathologies detection


  • Diabetic retinopathy (including grading)
  • Glaucoma
  • AMD (Age related Macular Degenerescence)
  • DME (Diabetic Macular Edema)
  • Drusen
  • And more to come…

Essential functions


  • Evaluation of the quality of images
  • Detection and location retinal lesions and signs of (multiple) pathologies (heat map)
  • Grading of DR Severity
  • Recommendation on the patient referrability to a doctor for further tests and therapy

Unmatched performances

Flexible solution to fit temporary or permanent needs

  • Define your own way to make the most of the AI according to your objectives, size and activity

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API for manufacturers


  • Best suited for camera manufacturers and OIS providers
  • Also suited for clinics equipped with OIS or other advanced systems

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Batch processing (OMS)


  • Suited for all kinds of clinics

  • Ideal for large scale / one off screening operations

  • Good option to start with and test the screening activity

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Ophtai Screening Booth (OSB)


  • Suited for all kinds of clinics as additional service (e.g. systematic screening)

  • Can be implemented in mobile screening units

  • Can be implemented in high traffic area (shopping mall, train stations)

  • Ideal for marketing campaign and to boost activity

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Cloud / on demand platform


  • Best suited for new clinics and clinics with old equipment and no image management system

  • Suited for low volumes operations

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On premises platform


  • Best suited for new clinics, with multiple activities

  • Integration with other systems (HIS, CMS…)

  • Possibility to connect with cameras to automate images processing

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