Quality System

ISO 9001 - ISO 13485 - CE

In order to ensure constant customer satisfaction, Evolucare decided in 2015 to implement a Quality Management System. To do so, we have focused our quality policy on the following 7 areas:

1. Improve Customer Satisfaction 

2. Develop the skills and continuously train our employees

3. Use high-quality methods ands tools to develop our software

4. Be rigorous in the deployment of our solutions

5. Ensure safety at all times

6. Foster team communication and cohesion

7. Ensure that our teams and partners know and comply with our processes.


This system enabled us to obtain the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications and to perfectly meet regulatory and security requirements.


  • Evolucare Anesthesia is thus a CE marked medical device in class IIa, as well as our medical imaging diagnosis consoles.

  • Evolucare Imaging is a RIS-PACS solution CE certified in class I.

  • Evolucare Intensive is a medical device that is CE certified in class IIa. 

  • Beyond the mere application of standards and regulations, we strive to ensure that quality is integrated into the Group’s daily practices.