About Us

« Is there anything more precious

to man than health? » Socrates

About us

Evolucare is family-owned company. Founded 30 years ago, it combines experience and agility. It leverages on its historical products and on innovation to constantly adapt to our evolving society.

 Expert in healthcare IT, Evolucare is true to its mission : connect the healthcare stakeholders so that they have the means to provide better care.

Our strength lies in our teams. Highly skilled professionals, we offer both the functional and technical expertise you need as well as the reactivity you expect. Above all, you can count on a team that cares about people : this is what drives our success.


Our Philosophy

Our patient-centric technology allows healthcare institutions to meet the new challenges ahead. Our smart solutions allow you on the one hand, to transform your organization according to your specific needs and on the other hand, to constantly come closer to your patients to provide ever better care.


Healthcare needs us to bring humanity and technology closer

« Tech Care » is our motto. We believe it is essential to put some humanity in technology so that it better serves care givers and patients.

In an ever evolving society, innovation, forward thinking and identifying early the needs of tomorrow are core to our strategy. That’s why Evolucare Labs was born in 2017 : to create value through breakthrough innovation and collaborative R&D. Through an open innovation process, our teams collaborate with academic and research organizations. Together we design new products, solutions and services to meet the challenges of healthcare of today and tomorrow.