Artificial intelligence, expert algorithms, connected objects and more

Technology in service of healthcare

Group expertise in service of innovation

EVOLUCARE Labs, created in early 2017, is the group entity whose mission is to promote innovation by transforming ideas into operational prototypes.

This new structure adds more value to the group business by adding decision support services to its products through expert algorithms.

The latter are developed as part of a collaborative innovation strategy. 

EVOLUCARE Labs gives the EVOLUCARE Group the ability to anticipate coming transformations in the two following fields: 

  • Personalized medicine
  • The connected patient

Evolucare Labs : objectives

The ambition of EVOLUCARE Labs, in order to promote its 20+ years of experience, is to create value through breakthrough innovations and collaborative research:

  • Patient data management
  • Care organization
  • Interoperabililty

Four strategic fields

  • Support with diagnostic
  • Support with therapeutic strategy
  • Support with patient monitoring
  • Support with care organization

All EVOLUCARE Labs projects are focusing on 4P medicine (Personalized, Predictive, Preventive, Participative) that places the patient at the heart of health system.

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    Total budget

    Financing support


    Distributed deep learning for Classifying Multimodal, Uncertain and Rare data in Ophthalmology





    Smart evaluation of diabetic retinopathy

    ADCIS, APHP, Zeiss Meditec



    Artificial intelligence for radiomics diagnosis, tests and acceleration in medicine

    GE Healthacre, IGR, APHP, INSERM, Centrale Supelec

    13 M€


    Software for Hospital Resource Optimization



    Interest-free loan/PRI Bpifrance 

    Creation of software tools for oncology exploration and decision support

    Ariana Pharma, Philips Health Care, AP-HP


    FUI 23/Bpifrance Région IDF

    Personalized medical supervision by an evolving expert system and a connected medical device

    INES, UPJV,  UPEC , APHP, CHU Nîmes, Investigators : APHP Co investigators : 10 CHU, 20 CH




    • All innovations from EVOLUCARE Labs are sent to the production department to be put into production and implemented. The value of innovation lies in the management of IP (intellectual property) and of a portfolio of patents.

    • Once they’re ready, the Evolucare Labs projects move to cloud services installed at a health data hosting center. These services with high added value are available at all client institutions in SaaS mode.




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