HIS: cross-cutting modules

Management of logistics and support functions

WebHospital: cross-functional management

The logistics and support functions of a healthcare establishment – inventory, catering, cleaning, etc. – play a considerable role in its smooth operation and its ability to deliver care in the best conditions. WebHospital makes these functions as important a priority as those dedicated to care. In fact, they contribute largely to the fluidity and quality of care.

Particular attention was paid to meal and hygiene management.

As an example, for hospital housekeeping management, a mobile module (tablets) allows you to precisely control all cleaning operations, with management of various protocols according to the services or specific needs.


• Inventory management of drugs, implants, blood-derived medicines (traceability)
• Service supply management
• Inventory management (pharmacy – wards)
• Generation of statistics, costs evaluation and responses to national surveys
• Assisted procurement management (pre-orders and purchasing detailed management, automatic generation of orders)
• Easy entry of deliveries and check outs
• Dynamic dashboard: allows various consultations, in real time, of the state of the stocks.


• Management of food, menus and daily menus by the kitchen
• Assisted entry of patient’s choices by care givers
• Management of the meals of persons accompanying the patient or visitors
• Outpatient pre-order management
• Selection of meals according to the patient’s diet preferences and constraints
• Adaptation of meal proposals according to the patient’s preferences and treatment constraints.
• Statistics on the number of meals to be prepared in the kitchen


  • Comprehensive management of the personnel schedule
  • Follow-up of the professional record (contacts, diplomas, training, etc.)
  • Generation of employment contracts and amendments
  • Management of jobs and skills (annual reviews, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of organization charts
  • Link to payroll solutions


• Application of specific protocols
• Scheduling of tasks to be performed by housekeeper
• Follow-up of completed tasks
• Complete traceability carried out in the room
• Simple and ergonomic use with tablets
• Display and control from a visual floor plan


  • Filing of adverse events by the care staff
  • Automatic transmission from adverse events files to managers for analysis
  • Management of satisfaction questionnaire


• Equipment maintenance
• Order management
• Requests for interventions
• Booking requests (materials, rooms, equipment, etc.)

A few screenshots of WebHospital’s transversal modules

Hospital computer system - inventory management
Hospital Information System - Human Resources Management
Hospital computer system - Meal management
Hospital Information System - cleaning management

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