Imago RH

Human Resources & Scheduling
for social care institutions

Efficiency requires management and organization

The employee’s comprehensive record

EVOLUCARE designed Imago RH for your Human Resources management teams. Imago RH structures all career data for your employees within your social care institutions.

Imago RH was conceived and developed in a co-construction approach with major players in the sector.

From recruitment, scheduling, training follow-up, management of job descriptions, positions and annual reviews, Imago RH is the support for your management of PEOPLE.

As a full Web and collaborative solution, it allows you to optimize the interactions between the HR team, your managers and your employees.


  • Simplify and share the administrative and documentary management of your employees records.
  • Log all events in your employee’s record.

Annual Reviews

  • Optimize the management of your teams.
  • Thanks to the consolidation of your employees’ career path data, you manage your annual reviews efficiently.

Risks & Health

  • Schedule medical visits and follow-up.
  • Manage the risks in your work unit and produce risks management tracking reports.

Employees Portal

  • With the “employees” portal, improve and streamline relationships with employees in your group by providing them with secure access to their professional data.

Training Plan

  • Define your training strategy and main focus.
  • Track your training requests, actions and budgets.


  • Improve your selection process and recruitment performance.
  • Analyze the best profiles against the job description defining the expected activities and skills.

Schedule Management

  • Optimize schedule for your teams according to each type of establishment and type of care.
  • Leverage a daily event management tool for better time tracking.

Reporting - Indicators

  • EVOLUCARE ANALYTICS hosts the data warehouse of your entire HR Information System.
  • The warehouse is structured and organized by field of activity and allow for a simple and efficient design of all your indicators.

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