Evolucare Imaging Transfert

Optimized management of DICOM exchanges for all types of modalities.


Evolucare Imaging Transfert is a software application that enables the secure transmission of images produced in a healthcare facility as well as reception at a remote site via the Internet.
  • ECS Transfert allows to easily manage the exchange and provision of medical images for multi-site structures. The image producing sites can make their images available to remote sites in order to share their archiving or within the framework of a teleradiology diagnosis.
  • In order to optimize transmission time via the Internet, the software manages compression before sending and then decompression of lossless images (DICOM lossless) as soon as they are received at the remote site. The images are sent automatically and according to specific routing rules to the viewing consoles, the PACS, or any other DICOM modality.
  • Connection with all types of DICOM modalities: scanner, MRI, ultrasound, visualization consoles …
  • Transmission of medical images to a remote site
  • Reception of medical images from a remote site
  • Lossless on-the-fly image compression and decompression
  • Automatic routing to a PACS, console, or other DICOM modality
  • Web interface for manual monitoring and transfer
  • SSL encryption of data