Intensive care

Evolucare Intensive : The solution for your patients in Intensive Care Units

Resuscitation • Intensive care • Continuous care

Evolucare Intensive is a dedicated solution designed for intensive care units.

Evolucare Intensive is a complete solution that increases the quality of care, reduces the risk of clinical errors, optimizes time and better manages costs in the intensive care unit.

An added-value solution

  • Overall management of the intensive care unit thanks to service, patient and monitoring views

  • Digitization of the monitoring sheet

  • Management of transmissions, care plans and reports

  • Automatic recovery of vital signs from biomedical devices

  • Management of prescription adapted to intensive care units

A measurable impact

  • Focus on patient care by simplifying the intensive care unit management

  • Reduce the number of clinical complications with the advanced features of the monitoring sheet

  • Optimize processes and reduce costs related to the management of your intensive care unit thanks to our Business Intelligence module

Make a difference

  • A dedicated solution designed for intensive care units by intensive care physicians and nurses
  • A solution integrated in the HIS of the establishment and connected to biomedical devices
  • A configurable system that adapts to each type of intensive care unit

Evolucare Intensive is a class IIa medical device manufactured by the company CORWIN, which belongs to the Evolucare Technologies group (51901881600016). Please read the medical device’s user manual carefully before use.