Intensive care

Evolucare Intensive : The solution for your patients in Intensive Care Units

Resuscitation • Intensive care • Continuous care

Evolucare Intensive is a dedicated solution designed for intensive care units.

Evolucare Intensive+ easily adapts to each units and to different practices. It integrates with all biomedical equipment and with the installed information system. It is constantly evolving and adapts to current and future practices thanks to the collaboration of practicing resuscitators.

A dedicated system designed for critical care services

  • Specific prescription engine
    Neonatology module specifically designed to meet the particularities of this unit
  • Complete digitization of the paper form
  • Immediate and ergonomic information accessibility
  • Automations that simplify the daily tasks of caregivers:
    – Fluid, caloric and other balances
    – Dilution management

Finely tailored to your practices

  • Totally configurable overviews:
    – By caregiver profile
    – By organ and specialty
  • Enhanced graphic views
  • Immediate and ergonomic information accessibility
  • Multi-modal protocols (drugs, equipment, surveillance, care…)
  • Your own dynamic data entry forms
  • A mobile version facilitating the care rounds on a touch tablet

A system fully integrated in your Hospital Information System

  • Evolucare Intensive+ is smoothly and fully integrated in our range of critical care services, ensuring a smooth and continuous communication between the operating theater and the reanimation unit
  • Our interoperability expertise at the disposal of communication between your Electronic Patient Record
  • Efficient interconnection with biomedical devices
  • A multisite, multiservice and multi-institution solution adapted to your organization thanks to its refined settings and configuration

Evolucare Intensive+ is a IIa Class medical device manufactured by HIM of the Evolucare group Technologies. Kindly read the instructions for the medical device carefully before use.

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