Medical Imaging

Integrated RIS-PACS solution & teleradiology
Boost your productivity.
Reduce costs.

Evolucare Imaging is a 100% web-based integrated RIS-PACS solution designed to optimize the activity of medical imaging services. It is natively designed for teleradiology and is intended for all types of health establishments.

The integrated Evolucare Imaging solution helps you accelerate the return on your imaging department’s investment and improve the accuracy of all your diagnosis.


Increase the activity of your department thanks to a patient-centered workflow optimized for each member of the medical team: radiologist, secretary, manipulator.


Improve diagnostic accuracy with teleradiology. Request the assistance of a radiologist to guide the conduct of an examination or for a second medical opinion in a few clicks.


Reduce your costs with a distribution module that allows patients and prescribing physicians to access their records online


Control your activity and optimize your processes thanks to our decision support module and its quantified activity reports.

Value Proposition

  • Fully customizable solution for a unique experience for each medical staff member.
  • A 100% Web PACS designed natively for teleradiology.
  • A multi-site solution that adapts to both private imaging centers and hospitals.
  • A solution with international standards that is interoperable and easy to deploy.

Evolucare Imaging is a modular solution combining the functionalities of a RIS and a PACS within the same solution.

Evolucare Imaging is a unique new generation workspace that allows the medical imaging department to optimize its workflow, share, store, view DICOM images and finally perform reports.

Our solution supports efficient management by providing rapid access to your patient data. Our 100% integrated multi-site solution enables collaboration between healthcare professionals and optimal sharing between all organizations.


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Management of single and multiple sites
Patient tracking & MPPS enable follow-up
Digital dictation and voice recognition
Embedded report editors
Radiation dosage and contrast agents traceability


Schedules and appointments management
Management of staff shifts
Email and SMS alert system
Dicom Worklist


«Anytime & anywhere» online access
Zero foot print
3D & volumetric workstation


DICOMization of images and videos for all specialties
Storing multimedia files from multiple sites
Compatible with all DICOM modalities
Patient CD and DVD integration tools
Rapid access to patient history


Easy and secure web access to images and reports
Controlled resources sharing
Compatibility with all devices and browsers


Compatible with IHE, DICOM, and HL7 standards
Sending reports to third party software
Link with LDAP directories

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