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Medico-social IT IMAGO DU, ergonomic user file: in 2020, thirty new associations equipped!

MEDIA : Direction(s) N°192
RELEASE : December 2020

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AXAPA joined the EVOLUCARE Group at the beginning of 2019, and has been an integral part of the Group since November 2020. IMAGO DU (User Record) is the flagship of the company.


As the collaborative platform for multidisciplinary teams, IMAGO-DU is the solution for monitoring the pathway and project of people cared for in medico-social facilities and services (ESMS). Organized into five areas – administrative, support, medical, paramedical and care – IMAGO-DU owes its success to its intuitive ergonomics, which facilitates quick and efficient use by all ESMS professionals. Its rich functionalities are drawn from a joint development process with several associations in the sector, making it suitable for any type of structure: IME (medical/educational facilities), SESSAD (special education and home care services), care homes, SAVS (social support services), MAS (nursing homes for disabled people), FAM (medical care homes), ESAT (inclusion through employment), CRP (workers rehabilitation centers), etc.

Thanks to a web technology and a high-performance architecture, IMAGO-DU provides in particular an SAAS operation allowing ESMS to be deployed and operated simply and efficiently on a daily basis. The implementation of the individual portal, accessible to the patient or their family, facilitates exchanges with the patient and their resources.  

The Evolucare group is fully committed to the digital transition and the Ma Santé 2022 project (DMP or shared medical records, MSSanté, etc.). With its experience in the health sector, a team dedicated to interoperability is working on exchanges with the e-Parcours platforms. In addition to IMAGO-DU, Evolucare provides responses to the management issues of organizations and the demands of payers through its Planning-HR solutions and its comprehensive range of financial and reporting tools.

Faced with the computerization needs of the medico-social sector, the IMAGO-DU solution appeals to organizations of all sizes. 30 associations, managing 2 to 75 ESMS, put their trust in the Evolucare Group in 2020!