New ISTQB certifications achieved by our test team

20 November 2020
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The ISTQB is the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. This organization offers a certification that is recognized worldwide.


Achievement of a new ISTQB certification for two of our testers

Two members of the team obtained their ISTQB certification – Advanced Level/Automation Engineer in September. This new qualification will allow the team to develop test automation.

What is the ITQSB Advanced Level ‘Automation Engineer’ certification?
  • Explain the objectives, advantages and disadvantages of test automation;
  • Identify success factors and determine the appropriate automation solution;
  • Understand the methods and analyze the factors of implementation, use/reuse and maintenance;
  • Analyze risks, verify implementation and plan mitigation and improvement strategies.

What is the main mission of our testers ?

The tester’s job is complex and must adapt to the company’s operations to achieve an optimal level of quality.

At Evolucare, this high level of responsibility is assumed by 10 employees specialized in functional testing. They guarantee the quality of our software solutions that support healthcare professionals in their daily work by monitoring all the functionalities of our products in an environment identical to a real use case.

They also monitor compliance with certifications and national regulatory standards imposed by the HAS (French Health Authority), the ARS (Regional Health Agencies), the CNAM (National Health Insurance Fund), etc.

Continuous monitoring to guarantee the effectiveness of the tests !

In order to increase their skills and remain in a dynamic of continuous improvement, each tester continues to train to develop their knowledge and expertise. The training courses delivered by GASQ provide our testers with an update on best practices and trends in the field of software testing.

In 2019 and the first half of 2020, our testers obtained this knowledge in order to:

  • Learn the basics for testing software throughout its lifecycle;
  • Visualize a specific approach to Agile testing in accordance with the Manifesto;
  • Adhere to the values and principles of Agile projects;
  • Learn more about testing processes, their management and improvements.

A highly qualified team

Figures as at 11/20/2020

  • 9 testers are certified at ISTQB Foundation Level
  • 3 testers are certified at ISTQB Foundation Level/Agile Extension level
  • 2 testers are certified at ISTQB Advanced Level/Test Analyst
  • 3 testers are certified at ISTQB Advanced Level/Test Manager
  • 2 testers are certified at ISTQB Advanced Level/Automation Engineer