Resource Management

Optimize the hospital’s human and material resources

The management of your human and material resources

WebHospital allows fluid and optimal management of the daily allocation of your establishments’ human and material resources.

WebHospital’s appointment management system allows secretaries and physicians to be grouped into “pools”, saving them a significant amount of time and optimizing the available slots. The visual management of beds and available places optimizes the filling rate of services. The stretcher management tool, which integrates communication with a cell phone, also provides better working conditions and major time savings for the departments.


  • Online appointment
  • Access to practitioners’ agendas
  • Automatic notification via text message
  • Paramedical file
  • Link to consultation scheduling
  • Saves time for the secretaries
  • Reduction of no shows
  • Management of secretary pools/physician pools


  • Patient visits planning
  • Real time and forecast bed occupancy
  • Booking by automated reconciliation of patient wishes and the establishment offering
  • Decentralized validation of arrivals
  • Global overview of the beds and places of the establishment
  • Simplified search for available beds and places
  • Improvement of your booking rate


  • Management of stretcher requests
  • Stretcher availability management
  • Planned or immediate movement request (including geolocation)
  • Simple and ergonomic use with tablets
  • Real-time tracking of request status
  • Quick overview of failed requests
  • Significant reduction in patient wait times


  • On-call & guard management module
  • Up to date, easily accessible physician directories and useful numbers
  • Centralized update immediately available to users
  • Integrated Phone Lists
  • Telephone connection obtained directly from users’ PCs, laptops and Tablet PCs
  • Recording of events and calls for better traceability.
  • Management of on-call duties for administrative staff, medical staff, etc.

Some screenshots of WebHospital related to resource management

making an appointment online
management of hospital beds
Stretcher management - hospital - clinic

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