New pack of evaluation forms for the management of your post-Covid-19 patients in rehabilitation

24 April 2020
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Dear Customers,

To help you manage your post-Covid-19 patients in Rehabilitation, Evolucare has provided you, free of charge, with a new catalog of evaluation forms in your Osiris EHR.

It has been developed according to the requirements published on Friday, April 17 on the official website of the French Health Authority.


This new pack is made up of 14 evaluation forms showing:

  • Respiratory deficiency:
    • Borg Scale.
  • Cognitive and psychological deficiencies:
    • Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA);
    • Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS);
    • Fosltein Test (MMS).
  • Motor, swallowing and voice deficiencies:
    • GUSS;
    • EAT-10.
  • Metabolic deficiencies:
    • Norton Scale;
    • Braden Scale.
  • Functional capacity and performance measurements:
    • Barthel Index;
    • Functional Independence Measure (FIM);
    • Berg Scale;
    • Timed Up and Go (TUG);
    • 10-meter walk test;
    • 6-minute walk test.

In this pack, we are also providing you with:

    • The HAS (French Health Authority) publication;
    • The import procedure for an evaluation form;
  • The catalog describing these new evaluation forms.