Signature of a global and exclusive licence agreement for the exploitation of OphtAI

30 January 2019
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Licence exclusive globale OphtAI

The signature of the agreement concludes succesffully a fantastic public private partnership. Indeed, OphtAI is an artificial intelligence algorithm, resulting from 3 years of collaboration between researchers, clinicians and industrials.

Evolucare, which was already providing to AP-HP the tele-ophtalmology platform they used between 2004 and 2017 for the screening of diabetic retinopathy, is adding to its portfolio an Artifical Intelligence algorithm with the ambition to revolutionize the screening of this disease. To cope with the insufficient number of ophthalmologists and the growing number of diabetics in the world, OphtAI offers to automate the detection of lesions on the retina and the evaluation of the grade of the disease.

The signature of this global and exclusive agreement also sets the foundation for a promising future. OphtAI is being CE marked as a Medical Device and will thus be put in the market shortly. The to-be-created Joint-Venture between Evolucare and ADCIS, a company specialized in image treatment and the longstanding partner of the project, will be in charge of its commercial exploitation. This JV intends to pursue the development of other tools for the screening, diagnosis and follow up of diseases that can be detected through the retina.

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