Evolucare Anesthesia is a software solution managing anesthesia workflow in pre-, per- and post operative phases. It is designed to help you increase the quality of your care, to ease your anesthesiologist job and to keep control of your spendings.

Evolucare Anesthesia is a software solution enabling anesthesia workflow management. From the first appointment to the patient’s discharge, the solution streamlines the preoperative, intraoperative and post-operative anesthesia workflow.

Our solution helps you to focus on your patients, to reduce medication errors and to keep control of your costs.

« Digitalizing your anesthesia workflow will make you save up to 50% of your pharmaceutical costs and 10% of your staff costs »

An added-value solution

  • Digitalization of the pre-anaesthetic consultation sheet (history, treatments, clinical examination, decision and prescription)

  • Digitization of the monitoring sheet in per- and post-anesthesia phases

  • Automatic recovery of vital data from biomedical devices and traceability of procedures

  • Automatic rules and alerts engine

A measurable impact

  • Save time thanks to the reliable and paperless circulation of information between the medical teams.
  • Reduce risks and errors thanks to the automated and customizable alerting system.
  • Reduce drug and material consumption by tracking product usage.

Make a difference

  • A fully integrated workflow covering pre/per/post-operative phases.
  • A fully customizable solution for a one-of-a-kind experience for every medical staff member.
  • A user-friendly touch-sensitive interface enabling an easy event tracking flow
  • An automated and customizable alerting system
  • An interoperable solution, integrated into the HIS and connected to biomedical devices.
  • More than 15 years of deployment experience on many different references

Evolucare Anesthesia is a class IIa medical device manufactured by the company ETCCS, which belongs to the Evolucare Technologies group (51901881600016). Please read the medical device’s user manual carefully before use.

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