Anesthesia Mobile

Traceability and safety closer to the patient
We have observed and listened to our customers in order to design mobile features that improve safety while saving time for the benefit of the patient..

The working conditions of anesthesiologists were taken into account: congestion, standing, emergency…

Less paper, more accurate , more responsive and better documented processes.

Mobile functionalities that truly integrate into the Anesthesiologists’ workflow. State-of-the-art technology that can be used on standard tablets or on the personal phones of anesthesiologists (secure connections and data encryption) for the best cost/utility ratio.


Streamline the processes

  • Workflow
  • Filter by specialty, site…
  • VPA Validation: Tactile ergonomics that allow users to validate, postpone or cancel with a simple touch of the finger
  • Entry of comments on validation
  • Displaying a selection of data from the anesthesia record


  • Multiplication of accesses
  • Facilitated collection, input at the source
  • No transcripts
  • Productivity gains and significant reductions in operating costs
  • Optimization of working time
  • Reduced paper consumption and savings on ink cartridges

Evolucare Anesthesia is a Class IIa medical device manufactured by ETCCS, a company belonging to the Evolucare Technologies group (51901881600016). We invite you to read the medical device leaflet carefully before use. Not included in the list of reimbursable products and services provided for in Article L165-1 of the French Social Security Code.