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3 March 2018
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RIDHO: “Radiomics and Integration of Heterogenous Data in Oncology”

General information :

Funding: FUI 23/Bpifrance – Paris Region
Supporting clusters: Medicen (leading cluster), Systematic (co-supporter)
Budget: €4.2 M
Duration: 3 months


  • Companies: Philips HealthTech, Evolucare Technologies, Ariana Pharma
  • Hospitals: APHP (Georges Pompidou European Hospital and Beaujon Hospital)

Medical topics:
Oncology, precision medicine, support with therapeutic strategy, personalized medicine

Technical topics:
Radiomics, image analysis, data mining, artificial intelligence, predictive algorithms

The goal of RIHDO is to develop and market a suite of software tools for oncology exploration and clinical decision support. This project falls under precision medicine, which aims to adapt treatment to phenotyped patient groups to offer them the most effective treatment strategy (patient benefit) while preventing the need for expensive, unsuitable treatment (economic benefit).

The main innovation of the RIHDO project is to use radiomics to integrate the potential of imaging with approaches based on the integration and analysis of heterogenous data. The radiomic characteristics extracted from images will increase the total patient characterization data (clinical, biological), which will make it possible to extract multi-marker signatures and prognostic or diagnostic prediction models from it, based on the clinical question that is asked.

The proposed technology has already demonstrated its potential in academia and research and RIHDO intends to demonstrate its feasibility in a clinical care setting.

« This tool will help doctors make the best clinical decisions for lung tumors and liver metastasis,” said Nicolas VILLAIN, director of the Research Department at Philips France, RIHDO project leader.