Projects / Deployment / Training

Our multidisciplinary teams accompany your project throughout its lifespan

Customized and responsive deployment management

Deployment operations are prepared well in advance at Evolucare to ensure success, both in terms of deadlines and response to needs. The teams are involved around a common objective of personalized and reactive support.

Deployment activities mobilize nearly 60 people within the Evolucare group, including some 15 trainers.  

“More than a third of our trainers have worked in healthcare institutions before joining Evolucare: nurses, caregivers, trainers, etc. and all have a good understanding of what healthcare professionals need.”

Yvon Wilmot,
Training manager


Mutual aid and common goals


What best describes the Deployment Hub? “It’s teamwork and collaboration,” the hub’s managers reply.

These are demanding jobs as we ask our consultants to be mobile, often on the road, with the power to make proposals, capable of managing priorities. But they know that behind them, in all departments, is a whole team ready to provide support and assistance when they are at the client’s premises on their own; a responsive team for whom “working together” are not just words. Mutual aid is an integral part of our corporate culture.


Certification ISO 9001

Level of service, documentation, compliance with procedures, traceability: our services are part of all the Group’s activities, which are endorsed by the ISO 9001 certification.

Renewed and regularly controlled by an independent body, this certification is both a powerful driving force to maintain thoroughness within all our teams and a guarantee of quality for your projects.