Imago DU

Electronic Record of the disabled person

To support is to stand beside the person in care.

The global record of the person in care

To improve support and follow-up of the personalized project with persons in care, Evolucare designed Imago DU.

Imago DU was imagined in a co-construction approach with major players in the sector.

Ergonomic, powerful, secure, our solution is for multidisciplinary teams in your establishment for people with disabilities.

Person in care record management

  • Improve your intake and follow-up processes for the administrative record of the person in care.
  • Uniqueness in and structuring of information: Imago DU makes it possible to streamline all exchanges between all players in your establishment, but also with external players through the direct mailing of documents.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Imago DU is a support and follow-up tool for multidisciplinary teams seeking quality improvement in the management of persons in care.
  • The solution is based on the unification of schedules, the implementation of communication tools, and the management of the personalized project.

Medical and Care

  • In its medical component, Imago DU is accessible in a totally secure way to all health care professionals.
  • All the data is accessible according to the profiles of professionals.
  • Imago DU guarantees a very high level of confidentiality, while allowing a targeted dissemination of all the information necessary to support people.

Family Portal

  • The family portal allows for the continuous communication of information to families, guardians and also users.
  • It is a simple tool with a customizable interface.

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