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For those who seek specific on-demand data analysis, we have designed a self-service requesting tool so that you don’t need to rely on IT experts. Ideal for quality assurance teams for instance, with our platform, you can

  • Request, extract, cross-reference, consolidate, analyze and present your data, for example, to prepare audits or search for process optimization/improvement,
  • Create and save your own reports and dashboards.

Our advantages

  • With over 30 years of industry expertise , we guarantee reliable, first-rate data preparation
  • An easy-to-use solution: in less than one day, you’ll be self-sufficient thanks to dictionaries with clear-labeled entries
  • An open transversal solution that connects all teams and sites of any given institution and to cross-reference the data

Our offer

  • Data preparation
  • Provision of dictionaries with clear labeled entries
  • Training
  • Support to create new reports
  • Support and maintenance

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