Evolucare is Expanding in Care Homes with the Integration of Medgic

RELEASE : 13th January, 2021

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A leader in IT for the medical and medico-social sector, the Evolucare Group officialized the integration of MedgicGroup, a company specializing in software equipment for assisted living facilities for seniors, in late December 2020.

MedgicNet software is published by MedgicGroup. The innovative and modular solution uses fully web-based technologies and is offered to customers in SaaS mode.

This integration will offer the Evolucare Group solid expertise in the field and a customer base of more than 300 centers, enabling it to offer a global response to this rapidly growing sector’s needs, in addition to its other software in the medico-social field. France already counts more than 7,000 care homes, with their bed numbers increasing every year. “This is a strategic step forward for the Evolucare Group as we strive to cover all the needs of the health and medico-social sector,” explains Philippe Blanco, CEO of the Evolucare Group.  

Expanding Evolucare’s Offer in the Medical-Social Sector

Evolucare’s offer for the medico-social sector now comprises the Imago DU user record specialized in supporting people with disabilities, the OSIRIS electronic health records for multi-activity structures, and MedgicNet, which is specifically designed for care home resident support and care.

ABOUT MEDGIC GROUP After spending more than 20 years as a consultant for retirement homes and working on their medicalization, Alain Durel created MedgicGroup in June 2009. MedgicNet, MedgicGroup’s solution for supporting and caring for residents in assisted living facilities for seniors, is the result of his significant experience. Today, every month, 10 million treatments are performed in MedgicNet on mobile tablets for 20,000 residents in the 300 centers that use the solution.

MedgicGroup pays particular attention to customer satisfaction, focusing on personalized follow-up for their needs and everyday user support. The company counts 15 employees and is based in Caen, France, where its expert advisers and trainers make use of all the necessary functional and technical expertise.

SaaS mode means a continuous improvement process can be implemented to quickly adapt to the sector’s regulatory requirements and to provide all customers with the most appropriate response at all times. MedgicGroup’s teams work together with their clients so that they can propose solutions that are fully in line with their needs.