Computerized patient record

The patient at the center of his journey

WebHospital: the patient journey

The WebHospital vision places the patient at the center of his or her journey, while offering users tools that are constantly focused on efficiency: simplifying data entry and avoiding redundancy, and making information easily available to all those involved in the care process are a constant driver. WebHospital relies in particular on highly configurable forms in order to adapt to the specificities of each specialty, such as anesthesia or gynecology.

The prescription and the complete medication circuit, interfaced with Vidal drug database, provide the necessary security for all types of patient management.


  • Medical follow-up (with the possibility of audio report)
  • Complete care record
  • Pharmacist record
  • Care plan
  • Paramedical record
  • Automatically generated and configurable shift transition information


  • Multimodal prescription
  • Automatic scheduling and monitoring of drug administration
  • Integrated Drug Interaction and Dosage Verification
  • Electronic validation of drug prescriptions by the pharmacist
  • Possibility of substitution or replacement of drugs by the pharmacist
  • Individual dispensation
  • Pharmaceutical advice and direct exchanges with the prescribing physician
  • Direct link with the inventory management module


  • Home visit planning management
  • Dedicated mobile application (synchronous/asynchronous mode), allowing:
    • Access to visit planning
    • Access to the patient’s entire medical and nursing record
    • Entry of data directly from patient’s home
    • Traceability of the activity (start time, end time, etc.) by QR code


  • Management of shifts and appointment scheduling
  • Consultation file by specialty (including anesthesia, obstetrics, etc.)
  • Immunization record
  • Entry and codification of acts
  • Patient history and communication with other healthcare stakeholders
  • Auto-filled letter templates
  • Consultation form configurable by specialty
  • Simplified data entry by setting up protocols
  • Practice management tool (support for audio files, etc.)


  • Management of the admission and follow-up in the room
  • Partogram
  • Newborn(s) record
  • Immediate postpartum monitoring
  • Continuity of care with the obstetrics record
  • Direct link between mother and child records
  • Complete follow-up of the newborn’s file


  • Record of dialysis sessions
  • Management of dialysis protocols/session schedules/traceability
  • Monitoring by interfacing with dialysis machines
  • Capture of transmissions
  • Dashboard of patient parameters evolution
  • Absence management

A few screenshots of WebHospital’s transversal modules

Computerized Patient Record - Consultation
Computerized patient record
Computerized Patient Record - Maternity
Testimonial: “The least computer-literate people use WebEHR within 1 hour”.

With WebEHR and the electronic patient record, we quickly forgot about paper records. We save a considerable amount of time! No more deciphering illegible handwriting, no more loose sheets with no references and no longer knowing which file it belongs to! The product’s ergonomics are pleasant and the display of our day’s tasks on our personal home page greatly helps us get better organized. The fact that WebEHR can be used like any other website makes it easier to get started with the tool. The least computer-literate people use WebEHR within 1 hour. After a few questions and two days of use, new users are 100% operational on the tool! We no longer have to take time off for training on this subject.

I’ve noticed that the perfect traceability offered by WebEHR makes staff secure and frees us from a lot of stress on a daily basis!
Nurses particularly appreciate having access to the entire patient record right where they are and when they need it. The links with other services: transfusion, chemo… allow them to remove the slightest doubt without wasting time or moving. WebEHR allows us to follow even the most recent protocols without hesitation. All future actions are automatically included in our planning. It’s impossible to forget anything!

We no longer do filing and yet the information is more available than ever! I was recently able to inform another facility about the medications taken by a patient 6 months earlier during his stay with us. Our colleagues who called without much hope were amazed to get the detailed information within a minute. This would have been impossible before.

Confidentiality is further strengthened: we no longer display our schedule publicly. During the doctor’s visits, all the answers to his questions are available on our laptop. We can even reach another department or practitioner on the phone with a click on the computer without worrying about finding the right number. We no longer manage a list of telephone numbers, the computer keeps a systematically updated list.

More recently, we requested that a food monitoring sheet be digitized and one week later it was available in the application. Our establishment was very well positioned in the ranking of “L’Express” (French media) relative to the ICALIN score (related to management of nosocomial infections). In fact, WebHospital helps us apply the quality standards precisely without any particular effort on our part.

Ms. C. Receiver, Palliative Care Manager

Testimony: “I can no longer imagine working without WebEHR”.

I can no longer imagine working without WebEHR! If we had to go back to “paper” management, we would have to add one person to the seven nurses in my department just to handle this management. Without prejudging the inevitable drop in quality of the records.

With WebEHR and the always-accessible electronic patient record, doctor’s visits are faster and more accurate. Staff members appreciate the traceability offered by WebEHR so much that part of the time saved is naturally devoted to better information in the patient record.

Today, when we close a file, it is complete. In the past, even with the best of intentions, it was impossible to obtain such traceability and such perfectly informed patient records.

Mrs. B. Richard, head of the orthopedic department

Testimonial: “The statistics are automatic and 100% reliable”.

TRACEABILITY! For me, this is the essential point. WebPharma (the pharmacy management module of WebHospital) is the first software that offers this “100% traceability” that has been long overdue in my job. With WebPharma, we have taken over the integral management of the medication in the establishment. We have finally implemented the individual dispensing of medication in all departments!

Thanks to the individual dispensing of medication, we no longer have buffer stocks in the wards. Each product dispensed is for immediate use and we receive a confirmation that the patient has received his treatment! We can make changes to products or dosage and most importantly, we now know how to document our decisions for doctors and nurses. This avoids, in particular, confusion due to the names of generic products that cannot be expected to be known by everyone! Nurses save time and everyone is kept safe.

The tool allows us to verify that the ancillary precautions are taken for certain treatments (biology). We easily detect any drug interaction and can immediately propose an alternative and disseminate the information to the doctors concerned. With the individual dispensing of drugs, I’ve seen significant budget savings on the simple management of expiration dates.

Statistics are automatic and 100% reliable. They allow us to manage our stock and supplies smoothly and lighten our workload. In summary, with WebHospital and WebPharma, I am at the doctor’s side, I really bring my added value to each one without being physically present in several places, I really perform my job with a quality and a presence that was impossible in the past.

Mr. F. Brocard, Pharmacist

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