Management of technical platforms

Emergencies – Sterilization – Anesthesia – Surgery

The software for your technical departments

The ergonomics of the functionalities intended for the technical departments, both for entering and accessing information, is essential for the safety of care.

WebHospital provides the necessary tools for optimizing as well as tracking all the operations of technical departments such as ED, OR, MD reprocessing units.

It communicates with other Evolucare group tools such as the Imaging offer for the advanced management of all medical imaging and teleradiology needs.


  • Real-time waiting time dashboard
  • Box and room management
  • ED encounter report
  • Multimodal prescription
  • Care plan
  • Auto-filled letter templates
  • Complete traceability of the entry and codification of the acts for billing purposes


  • Schedule management
  • Pre-anesthetic consultation and visit
  • Anesthesia sheet with complete traceability, peri and post op, of anesthesia events, drug administration, etc.
  • Configurable consultation form
  • Automatic collection of all physiological data
  • Practice management tool


  • Management of operating shifts
  • Intervention planning
  • Peri-operative monitoring with traceability and time stamping of all events
  • Administrative management of OR and performance indicators
  • Traceability of implants and instrumentation
  • Resource availability and scheduling
  • Synthetic view of entire OR


  • Management of boxes and instruments (available, under repair)
  • Management of sterilization cycles per box
  • Association of boxes with doctors/procedures
  • Functional integration with the OR module
  • Can be used with Barcode readers
  • Total traceability up to the patient

A few screenshots of WebHospital’s modules for technical departments

Sterilization software
OR management
Anesthetic course
Emergency Management Software

Like all surgeons, I have had a practice management software for a long time.
As soon as I arrived at the Clinique du Parc, I had to use WebOR, the WebHospital software module dedicated to the surgeons’ activity.
Equipped with a login and a password and without any training, I opened WebOR (in my internet browser…) and used it immediately. All the functions were intuitive with the navigation of an ordinary web site… In short, the ramp up has been quick. It was an excellent surprise. Having instant access to all the information about my patients, including recent information, changes things drastically!

I arrive at 7:00 a.m. and my first task is to look at my patients’ post-operative vital signs. Previously, I had to walk through the wards, find and consult the files and question the nursing staff. Today, when all my patients are well, it’s done in 1 minute!
Even better, I can also consult these vital signs from home (or from anywhere with an internet connection) with secure access by username/password. In the morning, during my consultations, if I have a patient that I’m concerned about, I can check their status with one click, without interrupting appointments. Any event or treatment is visible, even if it was performed one minute ago.

Later, for my ward tour, after a few clicks in WebOR, I have a clear vision of each patient’s situation, I am better prepared and my visits are all the more efficient! In the operating room, WebOR offers complete traceability. Pre, Peri or Post-operative, EVERYTHING is recorded! It has become indispensable for health professions. It creates a secure environment for the practitioner and staff and allows them to practice with less stress. Another advantage, when I request an anatomic pathology exam, the result is available on my screen as soon as the analysis is completed. We are connected to the laboratory, and the moment they enter their report, it comes to us attached to the patient’s file in the software.

In summary, I no longer handle any (or very little) paper, I have fully reliable and complete monitoring of my patients, all the information I need is perfectly classified and accessible in WebHospital. With this software, I save 30% of my time and gain a certain serenity.

I don’t know of any other clinic or hospital management software of this quality. This is really the future, and we are implementing it here today!

Dr. I. Frangi, Urological Surgeon

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