Management Information System for social care facilities

EVOLUCARE designed Gessi for all social care institutions.

For your management teams, it natively integrates all specificities of social care facilities.

The Gessi suite of modules adds a structuring dimension to your information system by integrating a cross-functional configuration methodology into all management areas and by relying on a single database.

Our ERP also enables you to meet your reporting obligations towards your funding partners.


  • Gessi Finance is a multi-record solution that optimizes your processes and helps you manage your assets, investment projects and loans.
  • The solution is based on a single database and a cross-functional configuration structure.
  • You can define analytical and consolidation methodology axes which will be common for your entire organization: fixed assets, loans, activity reporting, forecast/actual revenue and expenditure, payroll, commercial management, resident billing, etc.

Standard management reports

  • Gessi Finance natively integrates all the tools adapted to produce your standardized reports (Forecast/actual revenue and expenditure, activity reporting, multi-year investment plan, etc.).
  • The solution drives a high level of efficiency in the production of these reportings.

Payroll & Time Management

  • Gessi Payroll helps you manage your payroll process up to the mandatory reports and natively integrates all functions and settings related to the social sector.
  • The solution is integrated with the HR system with consistent data and configuration and allows for the integration of scheduling elements.
  • Produce your social reports and other indicators by using the reporting tool.

Adapted workplace management

  • With Gessi Gesco, you can drive the activity of the adapted workplaces you manage.
  • Beyond its complete billing chain (quotes, orders, delivery slip, invoices), our solution manages the following elements:
    . Service contracts (gardening, etc.)
    . Supply contracts
    . Production management (nomenclatures and processes)
    . Over-the-counter sales
    . Laundries
    . Traceability

Resident billing

  • Gessi Billing integrates all the billing chains for all types of social care institutions.

Not-for-profit organizations

  • Gessi Not-for-Profit: manage the directory of your subscribers, members of your association and also donors.
  • With Gessi Not-for-Profit, track your fundraising campaigns.

Reporting - Indicators

  • Gessi Report hosts data warehouses for your entire Management Information System.
  • The warehouses are structured and organized by field of activity and allows for a simple and efficient design of all your indicators in a dynamic manner and for data crossing.

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