Massive automated screening for retinal disease by diagnostic algorithm

5 September 2019
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General information :

Funding: FUI 23/Bpifrance – Paris Region
Supporting clusters: Systematic, Medicen
Budget: €4 M
Duration: 36 months


  • Companies: EVOLUCARE Technologies, ADCIS, EFFILUX, DEGETEL
  • R&D laboratory: ARMINES (Mines de Paris), LaTIM (Télécom Bretagne), Institut d’optique (IOGS)
  • Hospitals: Groupe Hospitalier St Louis-Lariboisière (APHP), CHRU de Brest

Medical topics:
Ophthalmology, Automated massive screening, Eye fundus, Retina, Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD, Glaucoma

Technical topics:
Tele-ophthalmology, Portable medical device, Fundus camera, Artificial intelligence, Neuronal network, Big Data, Classifier, Diagnostic algorithm

The goal of the RetinOpTIC project is to design a global solution for automated massive screening of retinal disease.

  • A portable fundus camera designed as part of this project will allow images to be acquired.
  • An algorithm based on neuronal network technology will classify images in relation to each patient’s context. It will learn from the database that was built by APHP over several years.
  • A Cloud platform will integrate the complete solution to offer a worldwide SaaS service, in compliance with current regulations (health data hosting, CE MD, FDA).

Clinical studies are planned to qualify the solution’s effectiveness.