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Medical imaging: tools adapted to an intersite and multimodal practice

MEDIA : SIH Solutions
RELEASE : 12/10/2020

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With a resolutely diversified activity spread over several sites, SCM Soissons Imagerie Radiologie had to adapt its work tools. The Evolucare Group has been able to offer a solution that combines self check-in kiosks, teleradiology, connected services and an application dedicated to radiologists, and has won over major competitors. A winning choice for the SCM.  

Exit the old generation RIS

Until 2018, the SCM had a RIS designed for a traditional practice activity. But as it grew, “the structure needed a technical base that could be used on several sites, multimodal and with common archiving,” recalls Antoine Lenoir, operations manager. Very quickly, the Evolucare Group stood out from the crowd with its four modules (reception terminals, teleradiology, connected services and a mobile application for radiologists). A priority for the connected services: patient appointment scheduling. At any time, the patient connects to our portal and can choose a slot according to his pathology,” says Dr. Stéphen Binsse, SCM manager and radiologist. This avoids waiting times that could be long and sometimes lead the patient to look for an appointment elsewhere! ». All the information collected is directly hosted on the SCM server in real time, for better fluidity. We offer a teleradiology module that meets the latest requirements of the G4,” explains Lionel Ribière, Imaging Product Manager at Evolucare. One allows us to transmit examinations to a pool of radiologists, and the other allows us to send examinations directly to a particular radiologist. The tool also features a messaging function between the operator and the remote interpreter, with exchanges recorded in a PDF document at the end of the session. “This allows us to protocol the procedures beforehand, so that we can work more calmly and really concentrate on the diagnostic part,” notes Dr Stéphen Binsse.

An invaluable tool against Covid 19

“At a time of physical distancing, this helped us a lot,” adds the radiologist. Limiting contact, a leitmotiv for institutions from now on. In this context, the provision of a reception terminal has contributed to the respect of barrier gestures. Initially, the kiosk reduces contacts with the secretariat at admission and frees up secretaries’ time,” explains Lionel Ribière. “Secondly, it allows you to print out your report independently and therefore to make the waiting room more fluid”.

In addition, it is also possible to send reports and images to patients via a secure web access, which further reduces waiting times at the secretariat. In general, these tools facilitate communication. Information is available in a single application. Everything is transmitted in real time: a new appointment, a dictated interpretation to be edited by the secretary, a radio to be viewed,” summarizes Antoine Lenoir. And the statistics module is a valuable management tool because it allows us to track our treatment times and patient loyalty. The benefits are also felt by prescribers: via a dedicated account, they can monitor their respective patients’ files and exchange with radiologists asynchronously. By choosing Evolucare, we chose a company with less experience, but one that has grown with our project,” summarizes Antoine Lenoir. And we made the right choice because they kept their promises. They definitely live up to their name… »

Marion BOIS