Personalization and optimization of osteoarticular surgical care

5 January 2018
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General information :

Funding: FUI 20/BPI – Paris Region
Supporting clusters: Medicen, Microtechniques, Route des lasers
Budget: €4.9 M
Duration: 30 months


  • Companies: EOS Imaging, EVOLUCARE Technologies, Medimaps
  • Hospitals: Lariboisière, Robert Debré, La Pitié Salpêtrière, Cochin (APHP)

Medical topics:
Orthopedic surgery, Imaging, Personalized medicine, Healthcare pathways, Precision medicine, Medical decision support

Technical topics:
Imaging, 3D reconstruction, 3D planning, Bone quality, 3D printing, Dynamic workflow

The papEOS project aims to improve care efficiency for osteoarticular disease during the Pre-, Peri- and Post-operative phases, through developing hardware and software solutions based on EOS stereoradiographic images.

The papEOS project will suggest to patients, surgeons and the healthcare system a personalized care pathway for the most common surgeries:

  • Hip and knee joint replacement
  • Spinal surgery following deformity or degeneration

For each of these surgeries, the project aims to develop a patient workflow viewer including, by integrating data, the different care steps:

  • EOS stereoradiographic images
  • Surgery planning and simulation
  • Bone quality measurement
  • 3D-printed personalized cutting guide
  • Operation process control

The goal of this project is to reduce the cost of these procedures by implementing a quality assurance approach to improve success rates and achieve better performance management.