Imago Senior

The Resident Record for Nursing Homes

Customizable and ergonomic

The electronic resident record that accompanies your teams throughout the care journey

Imago Senior was specifically co-constructed and developed with Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Residences and Retirement Homes.

It is a 100% Web-based software solution that offers all the business functions necessary to support your residents. Each professional finds, within the same tool,, their own environment and features in order to contribute to the care of residents.

Admission, medical care and paramedical aspects, management and monitoring of the elements in each personalized life project, as well as logistic functions (cleaning/incidents) are available through an ergonomic interface that is easy to use and quick to learn and at the same time fully configurable to match the specifications of your institutions.

Admission / Billing

  • Admitting, managing and billing your residents: from pre-admission to closing the record, Imago Senior simplifies management for your administrative department.

Medical Record & Nursing

  • Help professionals save time with simple ergonomics that allows them to define and monitor the care journey of residents.

Mobile app

  • Foster proximity and connection with the residents using a comprehensive mobility tool for the care teams.

Personalized Life Project

  • Listen to residents by setting up and evaluating easily their personalized life projects.

Cleaning and incident management

  • Enhance the well-being of your residents by planning housekeeping and by allowing for incidents reporting and tracking.

Scheduling and Human Resources

  • Allocate your resources according to your needs and simplify the calculation of variable pay elements.

Home Care Services

  • Leverage specific functions for your Home Care Services

Indicators and Reporting

  • Automate your reporting and your performance and activity indicators.

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