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The hospital of Fourmies ready for the convergence of information systems thanks to HopitalWeb

MEDIA : Techniques Hospitalières N°784
RELEASE : September 2020

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With some fifty modules designed in consultation with professionals, the Evolucare HopitalWeb ISadaptsto institutions and their changes over time. Frédéric Caylar,Head of Information Systems atthe Centre Hospitalier de Fourmies in the North ofFrance, is a testament toits responsiveness and euicity .

Seven years later, Frédéric Caylar is still pleased with the choice of HopitalWeb to computerize the Fourmies hospital center and its 275 beds and places. Now part of the GHT Hainaut-Cambrésis, which includes 12 hospitals equipped with a wide variety of solutions , the Information System Manager is now aware of the extent to which he can count on the responsiveness and adaptability of its software publisher : ” The management of Valenciennes Hospital , our pilot establishment , has opted for an IS convergence strategy . I can clearly see the difficulties often encountered by the other establishments the group faced with the implementation of the necessary interfaces. Here, we are the firstto be ready , thanks to HopitalWeb .


Pragmatic vision

When Fourmies Hospital selected HopitalWeb from three offers in 2013, it was the first public institution to call upon the editor whose modules had been designed by and for the private sector : We had exchanged with the users of the Charleville-Mé- zières clinic for which the solutions had first been developed ; we appreciated the pragmatic vision of the editor, the simplicity and ergonomics of the modules , due above all to the fact that they were designed in consultation with all the professionals concerned , from the doctors to the maintenance staff,” recalls Frédéric Caylar . “We were aware that we were takinga risk by using a small company , but we were never disappointed”
Computerization then started in emergencies : ” we started from a blank page and the needs of professionals”. Quick and efficient result : ” We were the first hospital in the region capable of transmitting our SPS1 in July 2013 “.


Developer responsivess

Since then, the information system at the Fourmies hospital has continuedto evolve and grow, always with same mindset : priority to the functionalities expected by professionals and responsiveness of the developers . In addition , ” deployments are done on an ongoing basis , and we have never had to interrupt the activity. It’s very safe , ” says Frédéric Caylar, who sympathizes with the embarrassment of his colleagues at the GHT when they have to shut down their IS during a migration.

HopitalWeb is also on hand for any adjustments. Whetherit is to integrate self-pulsed syringes in resuscitation, for example, or, more recently, to create a Covid alert icon within the medical record to identify patients at risk … ” In just one day it was done ! ». Frédéric Caylar centralizes user requests in order to frame the sequencing of projects. On the agenda, in the short term : connection of hemodialysis generators to the patient record , patient traceability for stretchering , tablet solution for ASHs to track room cleaning … a whole series of improvements that save time and facilitate hospital organization . But the main asset of this modular IS is its full web access , which allows doctors to consult their patient files , including remotely and in complete security , while the management of the institution ‘ s activity is greatly simplified, also underlines the RSI,which is satisfied with its abilityto keep control of its information system.