The Interop’Santé association, the purpose of which is to standardize electronic exchanges in the health sector, re-elected its entire board of directors during its meeting of 1st October, as indicated in a press release on 15 October.

  • Jean-Christophe Cauvin, health information system architect at Dedalus, was re-elected as chairman of the association.
  • The two vice-chairs, Jean-Charles Dron, senior consultant and partner within Health Management Solutions (HMS), and Anne Maheust, general manager of Phast, also remain in office.
  • Eric Dufour, manager of the Selic Company, was re-elected as treasurer of the association and Clotaire Thocquenne, Evolucare’s interoperability manager, as secretary.


In addition, “Interop’Santé has made the HPRIM XML and PN13-SIPh standards, formerly reserved for members only, available to the entire community” with a view to “becoming part of the momentum initiated by the Ministerial Delegation for Digital Health (DNS) and meeting the requirements of Ma santé 2022“, it announced.

HPRIM XML is a standard for the transmission of medical biology tests, and PN13-SIPh a standard for the medication circuit.

PN13-SIPh, “developed and maintained for more than 15 years by Phast and its community of SIPh vendors, has been entrusted to Interop’Santé with a view to its widespread access” to “guarantee sustainable investments for the members who implement this standard”, said the association. The transition “should be finalized by the end of the year”.

Last but not least, Interop’Santé decided to transfer its “testing capacity, based on the Gazelle platform (designed by Kereval) allowing its members to make sure their developments are consistent with the requirements set by the standards” to the Digital Health Agency (ANS) in order to “strengthen the national testing capacity”.

The ANS Convergence tool, used by manufacturers to “assess their compliance with the technical doctrine” of digital health, has been available since mid-September.

Created in 2009, Interop’Santé brings together a number of organizations such as HL7 France (Health Level 7), HPRIM (Harmoniser et promouvoir l’informatique médicale) and IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise).

Léo Caravagna