Imaging: Evolucare announces new partnerships with Milvue and AZmed

4 October 2021
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The Evolucare imaging offering and especially its PACS now offers new opportunities to help with diagnosis thanks to two partnerships and artificial intelligence.

MILVUE offers a solution designed for triage and offering assistance with diagnosis in emergency radiography.
AZMED develops software capable of detecting all types of bone fractures under standard radiography conditions.

These innovative, high-performance solutions built into the Evolucare PACS offer healthcare professionals valuable assistance with diagnosis, and significant time savings.

Being able to inspire confidence in a market such as that of medical imaging requires the solutions developed to be effective both in terms of quality of service and at a functional level. To this end, we rely on the internal research conducted by our teams, as well as the integration of sophisticated third-party tools. The ultimate aim is to facilitate the daily lives of professionals, and help them to improve patient management. The integration of AZMed and Milvue artificial intelligence tools in our PACS is a good example of this strategy, and it confirms our desire to innovate and continually enhance our offering.
Gilles Juving – Product Marketing Director – Imaging Division

For more information about these partnerships and the potential opportunities provided by the Evolucare offering, come and meet us at the JFR 2021 Event!



About our partners


Milvue, a specialist in emergency hospital care and medical imaging

Milvue was established in July 2018 by Alexandre Parpaleix (Radiologist), Ronan Riochet, Malo Huard and Antoine Sauvage, Polytechnicians.

« Milvue a été pensé comme un radiologue de poche, capable de donner un avis expert pour guider le médecin dans sa prise en charge, tout en optimisant son temps » indiquait Alexandre Parpaleix. The company’s aim is to accelerate, secure and optimize the workflow and management of patients by emergency departments, thus helping to relieve congestion. Its software, based on Deep Learning, is a CE Class IIa certified medical device.

“Milvue has been designed to work like a pocket radiologist, able to provide expert medical advice to guide doctors in their management of patients, while also saving them time,” indicates Alexandre Parpaleix.


AZmed, the artificial intelligence that detects fractures for radiologists

AZmed was established in August 2018 by Alexandre Attia, a master’s degree graduate in Artificial Intelligence with medical imaging specialization from the ENS Paris-Saclay, Elie Zerbib, a surgeon in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of AP-HP (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris) and Julien Vidal, a Management graduate and current CEO.

The Deep Learning-based AI algorithm developed by AZmed has been designed to help make accurate diagnoses, while saving time: « When interpreting an x-ray, our technology detects – in less than 0.2 seconds – an anomaly, and highlights it with a rectangle,” explains Julien Vidal, CEO and co-founder of AZmed.