Imaging: successful deployment of Evolucare Imaging in Hong Kong

7 October 2021
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Evolucare à Hong-Kong

“The Specialists” is a fully comprehensive medical imaging center located in Hong Kong. Catering to over 300,000 local residents a year, the clinic utilizes Evolucare Imaging to effectively manage upwards of 50,000 patients every year.


As a full-service imaging clinic, it was important for The Specialists to find a Radiology Information System (RIS) that caters to all aspects of the business’s workflow. Features like smart AI agenda, flexible viewers, automated reporting modules, enhanced KPI business workflow reporting, and secure electronic report distribution via referral portal mean Evolucare Imaging does just that.

When deciding on a RIS for The Specialists, Managing Director, Ms. Celia Ng, needed a software solution that was customizable and easy to use that would create an effective workflow for the clinic’s staff and equipment.

“Evolucare Imaging RIS enables the practice to work more efficiently which has resulted in higher productivity”, she said.

Ce choix et le déploiement de la solution ont été fait auprès du partenaire local d’Evolucare, IMSIGHT.


Why Evolucare Imaging RIS?

With over 10+ years of experience implementing innovative strategies for the patient journeys, Celia said she feels confident Evolucare Imaging would be the right fit for the screening centers. She added that Evolucare Imaging is extremely flexible in the way it can be configured, allowing for complete customization to the patient’s needs.

“The customer support from Imsight Team is always responsive to the practical needs and address any issues in a timely and efficient manner. From planning to implementation. Thanks for intimate service from local support team, the whole implementation project just took as short as 3 months where the team came across many challenges, including switching and data migration from old system, as well as adopting new ways of radiology reporting workflow.

Ease of Use

With a team of over 40 people and 1000+ referral doctor connections, it was important for Celia to implement a software solution that was not only easy to use but came with adequate training for all employees including radiologists, radiographers, typists, administrators, reception clerks, across the front end and the back end, in the business.

“Given that a natively integrated solution, my team is readily familiarised themselves with less training, as they have found it quite easy to use. New employees find the system easy to learn at the same times improve consistency throughout services and enhance internal connectivity and productivity.”

Ultimate Patients’ focused Connectivity

When comparing Evolucare Imaging to other RIS systems on the market, Celia said its strength lies in its designs on patient focused. “The fact that software components like the worklists modules visualize the comprehensive status from admission to examination incredibly easy.”

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