Philippe Blanco joins Evolucare Group as Chief Executive Officer

RELEASE : Jan 31, 2020

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Le Pecq, 31 January 2020,


Following Essling Expansion entry into its capital in early 2019, which enabled a 26 million euros investment into the development of its medical software portfolio, the Evolucare Group pursues its transformation to achieve its ambitious growth plans.

In January 2020, Philippe Blanco joined the Evolucare group as Chief Executive Officer. In his role, Philippe will lead Evolucare Group’s growth in France and internationally, including by carrying out external growth initiatives.

Previously, Philippe held the position of General Manager Healthcare & Life Sciences for Northern, Central and Eastern Europe at DXC Technology, a world leading IT services company, with a particular focus on driving forward the company’s growth in these regions by taking the healthcare and life sciences organisations into the next generation journey towards Cloud, Care Coordination and Population Health Enablement.

Previously Philippe was General Manager for CSC’s healthcare and life sciences in the Nordics and South & West Europe region.

Philippe joined CSC in 2013 coming from Agfa Healthcare where he served six years as CEO France leading its Medical Imaging and Healthcare IT businesses.

With more than 20 years of international experience in healthcare IT, Philippe will bring his expertise and his leadership to accelerate the growth of Evolucare group in France and internationally.



Evolucare is a leading French group in the Medical IT market. Today, Evolucare serves 4,500 facilities, is located in 15 offices including offices in Canada and China and has nearly 320 employees.

With its 30 years of expertise in the field of Health Information Systems, Evolucare offers a wide range of products and services which are meeting the clinical, operational and financial needs of each and every healthcare organizations. Evolucare product portfolio manages the entire patient journey: Electronic Health Record and billing system, nursing, medication and pharmacy management, critical care including operating theater, anesthesia and intensive care units management. In the welfare area, Evolucare offers state-of-the-art and fully integrated solutions for handicap, retirement home and home care facilities. Evolucare Enterprise Imaging Solution offers a fully integrated web-based RIS-PACS platform that pushes the boundaries of modern radiology including teleradiology. This wide software portfolio, in combination with Evolucare Analytics decision-making system, allows our clients to leverage their datasets in order to better plan their activities and engage into continuous improvement of their organizations while limiting their operating costs.

Evolucare Group is continuously investing into new technologies to help healthcare professionals with their clinical decision making. OPTHCare/OPHTAI is a Web platform based on Artificial Intelligence for eye disease screening that speeds and secures the diagnosis of several dozens of the most common eye pathologies (including Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular degeneration, Glaucoma, …).


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