Electronic Medico-Social Services and Institutions (ESMS): A Unifying Challenge!

24 August 2021
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ESMS Numérique : projets fédérateurs

In an article dated February 2021 and which you can find here, we have drawn up a general portrait of the Governmental Digitalization Program for the Social Care Sector (ESMS Program), intended to develop the use of digital tools in social care services and institutions.

Nearly 630 million euros are earmarked for this program, which aims in particular to ensure that each person in the care of a social care facility (ESMS) benefits from an Electronic Resident or Citizen Record. Evolucare, with its suite of IMAGO solutions, is naturally primarily interested in this initiative.

An incredible opportunity for growth

Damien LÉVÊQUE, Social Care Marketing Director for the Group, declares:

“The Digitalization Program for the Social Care Sector (ESMS) is a tremendous growth opportunity for the Social Care Business Line through our Imago DU and Imago Senior solutions. This project is above all a challenge that we must meet.

The technical and regulatory projects put in place to meet the requirements of ESMS Program have created a synergistic collaboration among the Group’s development teams as we share the referentials and foundational services defined by the Ségur de la Santé. This cross-functional cooperation enriches our employees and products, and demonstrates a successful collective dynamic for Evolucare. ”

For Evolucare, the ESMS Program represents, to date, nearly 120 applications at various maturity levels, involving approximately 1000 institutions. Institutions that, like many of our current social care clients, will be able to participate in our approach to co-building solutions: an approach that allows IMAGO solutions to fit the needs of the sector as closely as possible.


A growing national presence

The ESMS program should accelerate an already dynamic presence of the Group’s solutions on national soil. The IMAGO range of products already covers a large number of facilities in all regions:


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