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Disabilities – User record
Nursing home – Resident record
The EVOLUCARE Group offers modular solutions suited for any type of social care institution.





User record
Employee Scheduling
HR – Skills Management – Payroll
Accounting– Finance

Nursing Home

Patient record
Individualized project

Nursing home solutions

CORWIN is a family-owned company that has been in the health software publishing business since 1988. CORWIN is dedicated, day after day, to serving its customers and their patients or residents.

Since 1996, CORWIN has developed a range of proven, easy-to-deploy and constantly evolving solutions for medical and social institutions. Corwin also offers solutions for hospitals, SRH and Psy clinics (see Sanitary section).

DISABILITY solutions

Axapa – Evolucare Group is a software publisher specialized in the social care field and particularly in DISABILITIES. The software developed by the company offers a global and modular solution.

The software constitutes an ERP and includes 2 additional product ranges:

  • Imago focuses on the business side: user records, human resources, scheduling.
  • GESSi develops management solutions: accounting, payroll, management of centers for professional and social integration of adults with disabilities (ESAT).
  • These two products include a reporting tool: Axapa Report.

The editor thus offers an integrated and modular solution that responds to the frameworks and developments in the sector, with ergonomics adapted to the uses of professionals.

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