21 April 2018
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UGECAM’s goal in this large-scale project was to re-computerize the health Information System for the 7,000 beds in its health establishments.

After a competitive selection process based on the quality of the technical offers, functional comprehensiveness and the bidders’ ability to support the project, UGECAM chose the group formed by EVOLUCARE and ATOS.

This project was carried out by the CNAM on behalf of UGECAM and covers the entire information system of health establishments, including patient administrative management, electronic patient records, pharmacy and business intelligence (BI).


A brief description of UGECAM

The Group manages 7,000 beds and 800 sites, mostly for rehabilitation, distributed throughout 83 health structures. UGECAM also operates in other sectors, such as medicine, psychiatry, long-term care, etc.

As indicated on UGECAM’s website, the group is active in many advanced fields, such as the treatment of serious burns, spinal cord diseases, head injuries and orthopedic trauma, as well as childhood obesity, multiple disabilities, etc.

The EVOLUCARE group is thus very pleased to have gained the trust of such an important health care group.