Evolucare Imaging Sharing

Images you can access from any platform


Evolucare Imaging Sharing is a web software for sharing and viewing all medical images produced in a healthcare institution.
  • Both inside and outside the healthcare institution, the Evolucare Imaging Sharing solution provides secure & unlimited web access that allows each user to access their dedicated imaging data: radiologists, specialists for a second opinion, prescribing physicians, contacts, patients.
  • The images are easily accessible, on all devices: PC, MAC, tablets, smartphones (ANDROID and iOS compatible).
  • Evolucare Imaging Sharing integrates ECS View interpretation workstations for remote exam interpretation for your teleradiology projects.
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  • Patient portal
  • Prescribing physician portal
  • Fast access to medical history
  • Share through the internet for a second opinion
  • 100% Web-based Software
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • DICOM Query/Retrieval from the PACS web interface
  • DICOM Store on the PACS web interface
  • Share results inside and outside the healthcare institution
  • E-mail and SMS notification system
  • User profile management
  • Automatic printing of patient record for secure access
  • Access via QR code

Evolucare Imaging is a medical device with CE marking, Class I, manufactured by Evolucare Technologies (51901881600016). Evolucare uView is a medical device with CE marking, Class IIa, manufactured by Evolucare Technologies. CE 0459. Certification body: G-MED. Please read the medical device manual carefully before use. Not included in the list of refundable products and services in Article L165-1 of the Social Security Code.