SaaS* imaging computing

*Solution as a Service

Stay focus on images, not computers.

Solution as a Service

Evolucare disrupts the RIS-PACS model with a state of the art SaaS solution

Evolucare Imaging RIS-PACS solution can be deployed either on premise or in a cloud archictecture depending on the customer needs:


  1. Evolucare Imaging solution can be hosted in a certified health data hosting provider
  2. This cloud architecture is scalable: an unlimited number of remote sites to be connected to the datacenter
  3. Such an architecture helps health structure to focus on their patient while Evolucare takes care of the service

A service-oriented solution

Evolucare and its local partners manage the Application, the Services and the Hosting of the solution so that customers can focus in using them on demand

Supported by the growing capacities of information exchange networks, teleradiology makes it possible to respond to the organizational evolution of patient care and the demographics of medical staff.

The Evolucare Imaging solution, which won an award from the French Ministry of Health in 2006, was natively designed to support telemedicine projects. Our expertise and the relevance of our solutions have been rewarded by numerous deployments of teleradiology solutions in different countries.