Expertise & Professions

Every day, our teams are advancing health informatics. Discover their talents.

Bringing together talent, building our expertise

From R&D – now largely embodied by our Evolucare Labs innovation center – to customer support, the lifecycle of our products and services is ensured by an abundance of talented experts in a wide range of professions: researchers, functional analysts, deployment technicians, interoperability engineers, IT technicians, business specialists, deployers, trainers, support technicians, etc., plus of course the quality, internal IT, administrative and sales teams.

They have a shared goal: to offer state-of-the-art solutions and guarantee 100% operational deployment and optimal use of our tools at each of our customer’s sites.

See here jobs directly related to the products you use every day in your establishments.

“Our expert teams serve equally important fields: health and social care, healthcare, critical care, medical imaging, etc., all of which form important stages in the care and life journey”

Romain Le Guilcher,
Deputy Managing Director



Design and development: combining an agile approach and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Projects & deployment

Our multi-disciplinary teams support your project throughout its lifecycle


A specialized unit to pool skills and advance standards and norms.

Customer service & support

A team that works closely with customers every day, guaranteeing the satisfaction of professionals… and the safety of their patients.

Quality & safety

Quality, safety and certifications: a commitment to continuous improvement

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