RIS-PACS 100% Web

An integrated and consistent system for all organizations

Organize. Optimize. Fluidify your activity.


Based on the most modern technologies and development methodologies, entirely web-based and ergonomic, EVOLUCARE Imaging stands out by integrating all the functionalities of a RIS within a PACS. This single and unique software allows you to manage the entire activity of all types of structures.

Evolucare Imaging RIS

A RIS adapted to all organizations

Improve your organization, reduce delays, optimize productivity.

Our RIS meets all radiologists’ needs by efficiently optimizing the entire imaging department workflow or for teleradiology projects.

With Evolucare Imaging, improve your organization, reduce delays and costs to optimize your productivity. Manage the agenda and modality rooms of a single site or multi-site structures with a single view. Our RIS module supports radiologists in their decision-making and helps them prioritize exams through the workflow module.

Optimize/fluidify/maximize your relationship with your patients

Thus, manage your patients’ workflow from their admission to their report edition. Automatically alert your patients by email and SMS. Your patients have access to their records/examinations at any time via a patient web portal (QR code at their disposal to view the examination and access the report).

Evolucare Imaging ARCHIVING

Archive and share: medical images, reports and beyond.

Our PACS module ensures seamless continuity of the radiological process. A secure environment allowing web access to your multimedia archives. Regardless of their location, healthcare professionals have 24/7 access to patient data.

 Store and distribute your radiology exams, distribute your exams to other departments, and share your workspace with multiple sites.

EVOLUCARE Imaging offers a web portal access for the patient and a web portal for the healthcare professional, 24/7 and totally secure.