The Evolucare Group was in 59th place in the 2020 ranking, based on the 2019 figures.

25 June 2020
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Classement des éditeurs logiciels 2020

The Evolucare Group is in 59th place in the 2020 ranking, based on the 2019 figures.  

LINK: See the rankings on the Truffle 100 website..

Classement des éditeurs logiciels 2020 - Evolucare 59eThe Truffle 100

The Truffle 100 is an annual ranking of French software publishers created by Truffle Capital and Tecknowlogy Group. This recently published fifteenth edition offers a portrait of the national software publishing industry, its vitality and its capacity for innovation.

A specific context for 2020

In the editorial by Bernard-Louis Roques, General Manager of Truffle Capital, he emphasized the industry’s potential resistance to the events of this year: “Software is a digital business. Software publishers have been among the quickest to adapt to the crisis. Rmote work is inherently natural to them. The cloud in which they have massively invested during recent years, the SaaS offerings they have developed, and now artificial intelligence, which is becoming widespread. Operationally, publishers are doing well.”

Digital transformation

“By imposing distancing, the crisis irreversibly accelerates digital transformation. New ways of working, consumer habits, professional relationships and societal behaviors will be increasingly digital. Society’s digital transition expected over the next 5 years was imposed on us by COVID in just a few months, with no going back. Publishers will undoubtedly have to actively participate in building the ‘new world.’ They will be essential players.” added B.-L. Roques.


Some numbers

Tendances marché logiciel 2020chiffre d'affaires éditeurs de logiciels 2020